Alcohol Vapor Testing Alcoframe

Unique non-contact express alcotester for company employees right at the entrance

Alcoframe is designed to promptly monitor personnel for alcohol consumption at the facilities where intoxication poses risks to safety of human life and production process as a whole (mining facilities, strict-regime facilities, heavy industry facilities, dangerous production facilities, power plants, etc.)

What is Alcoframe


Alcoframe is integrated into the company’s access control system (ACS). The degree of integration is determined by technical capabilities such as:

  • Integration with the turnstile card reader. This provides an opportunity to match the Alcoframe measurement number with the employee’s ID card. The data is stored and displayed on the computer as follows: Alcoframe number, date and time of measurement, measurement number, turnstile number, employee ID card, quality result (passed, failed, incorrect exhalation).
  • Integration with ACS. The results of Alcoframe measurements are submitted to ACS. Lines are added in the employee authorization table in the ACS database: qualitative result (passed, failed, incorrect exhalation). The results of measurements are stored by the Alcoframe in a format determined by the degree of integration and also in the ACS database.
  • Alcoframe can work independently: device parameters can be set and measurement results can be viewed with special software installed on the operator’s computer.


Analysis time
Not more than 1 s.

Set up time after last test (if no alcohol was detected)
Not more than 1 s.

Set up time after last test (if alcohol was detected)
Not more than 5 s.

Minimum detection concentration of alcohol vapor
135 mcg/l (0.3% for blood)

Temperature range
from -10ºС to +40ºС

Frame size
295 x 227 x 50 mm

Data processor size
190 х 288 х 75 mm

System capacity
50,000 hours of continuous operation (unlimited exhalations)

Minimum maintenance
Periodic mirror wiping

Mouthpieces and nozzles
not required