Fiber Optic Sensing Products & Services

FPS Photonics is a top provider of different fiber optic solutions. We pay careful attention to your specific requirements and make products designed for your specific purposes.

FBG Interrogators And Sensors

Temperature, strain, pressure, displacement sensors, tiltmeter

Special Fiber Solutions

Solutions turn a fiber optic cable into a distributed sensor capable of temperature and vibroacoustic monitoring

Structure Monitoring Software

Structure Health Monitoring Systems for bridges, buildings, pipelines, tunnels etc.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)

Perimeter, oil wells, pipeline leak detection

Databus Network Testers

Signal Simulators and Equipment Testers

fiber optic sensing


Our team of experts develops fiber optic sensing products and solutions based on customers requirements and applications analysis

❯Oil & Gas ❯Power Generation Power Transmission and Distribution Aerospace Shipbuilding  Medicine Transportation Tunnels Security Fire Detection Robotics

We Are Here for

Competitive pricing

FPS Photonics designs the most advanced fiber optic products and solutions at one of the best prices on the optical fiber market.

Extensive experience

Our engineers have vast experience in the development of fiber optic systems accumulated over two decades of the company's existence.

Quality and reliability​

Manufacturing of our fiber optic monitoring equipment complies with international standards and regulations.