Systems Development

Our engineers and scientists will work with you to design a sensing system that satisfies all the requirements of your application.

The general principles of our customer-centric design approach are:

  • Measurement systems should be designed based on a genuine comprehension of the purpose of the system,  and out ability  to deliver that system.
  • Systems should be designed based on customer needs rather than our internal needs.
  • Systems should be designed to deliver a unified and efficient system rather than component-by-component which can lead to poor overall performance.
  • Systems should be designed based on creating value for users and customers and to be as efficient as possible.
  • Systems should always be designed with input from the users 
  • Measurement Systems can and should be prototyped before being developed in full; they could be developed as a minimum viable service (MVS) and then deployed. They can then be iterated and improved to add additional value based on user/customer feedback.
  • Systems should be designed and delivered in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders (both external and internal)

Our Capabilities

Turnkey Solitions

  • Monitoring systems (optical, digital, electric, string) 
  • Development of control and automation systems
  • Commutation and storage server equipment
  • Software
  • Special cable and communication lines
  • Project documentation
  • Video surveillance, drone tracking and notification subsystems
  • Systems installation and integration, staff training 
  • Maintenance and support