Fiber Probes for Process Spectroscopy

Fiber probes for process spectroscopy are based on coherent bundle design and provide the best coupling efficiency with spectrometers, light emitters (LED, lasers, lamps, etc.) and media of spectral analysis to investigate its reflectance, fluorescence or absorption spectra.





Key Features

● Multi-channel process – photometary and spectroscopy with up to 37 channels capacity

● High optical throughput at a pre-selected set of characteristic wavelengths

● Compatibility with a variety of light sources, filter, and mini-spectrometers

● Special design for customer application

● Assembly with polymer or metal coated fibers

● High-temperature probes for up to 600°C applications

● Fiber diameter from 100 µm up to 600 µm in coherent bundles with up to 469 fibers







Fibers6+1 or 7+1 fibers 50,100,200,300 µm core
Middle based fiber – with metal coating
Fiber type UV-VIS
Fiber type VIS-NIR
Probe TipPEEK Tube Ø 1.0mm with Titanium Ferrule
Stainless Needle Ø 1.5mm L=60mm with Hand piece Ø 8 mm L=80mm
Available custom design
Spectral Range200-960 nm or 280-2100 nm220-4000 nm special design
Protective TubingFlexible Hard Plastic Polymer PEEK Ø 1.0mm
Flexible Ni or Cr plated Metal Tube Ø 4.9mm
Available PVC or PVC + Polycarbonate Tube Ø 3.0-5.0 mm
Temperature Range-40°C +120°Cup to 600°C – on requestHigh or low temperature Probes available on request
Optical ConnectorsSMA-905 +ST or FC -FCCustom design connectors available on request
Transmission ChannelFor typical receiving rectangle optical input line construction of fibers or circularFor typical receiving rectangle optical input line construction of fibers or circular
FlexibilityMain part with minimal bend Radius -20mm (Short Time); -45mm (Long Time)Minimal radius up to 5mm available on request




  • Liquid absorbance measuring long pass optical head with adjustable in distance spherical mirror
  • Optical AR coated lens system for parallel beam
  • Reflection probe end for powders and thick samples