PIR-Fiber Bundles for IR-Imaging

PIR-Fiber Bundles for IR-Imaging

The unique transmission spectra of PIR- and CIR-Fibers is in an exceptional overlap with IR-emission spectra of a blackbody in a temperature range of 0° to 300°C (270-570K), therefore PIR-Fiber synergy with an IR-detector or an IR-detector array creates the basis for a promising development of IR-vision endoscopes for such applications as early cancer detection. PIR-fiber optics in combination with MCT-detectors in Liquid Nitrogen cooled Dewars provide a variety of flexible and low-cost solutions for the most sensitive and fast pyrometry applications in a temperature range of 220 to 330K (-50° to +50°C).
Dual MCT-PIR-fiber detectors may be used for dual wavelength control of absolute temperature variation.


● Thermography-based early cancer diagnostics

● Thermo-vision cameras in industrial process control

● Avia-traffic control

● Security systems

● Space applications

● Pyrometry