Sterilizable IR-ATR Fiber Probe for Bio-Process Monitoring

Sterilizable IR-ATR Fiber Probe for Bio-Process Monitoring

Sterilizable IR-ATR Fiber Probes are produced with any type of ATR element and for any type of FTIR spectrometers. Unique Shaft-in-Shaft design of the IR-ATR Fiber Probes makes them perfect for bioprocesses where sterilization is required without having to forgo the renowned advantages of MID-IR FTIR spectroscopy.
The IR-ATR Fiber probes do have to be taken out from the reactor during the reactor sterilization process. The sensitive tip of the probe can remain in the reactor and be sterilized with it, whereas the fiber assembly can be detached.


Key Features

  • High throughput in any part of near and mid-infrared-spectrum
  • ATR-tip shaped for immersion in the liquid flow without a dead zone
  • Flexible and robust for industrial applications in harsh environment
  • Compatible with all spectrometers and automated process-interfaces


  • Reaction monitoring in real time
  • Process analytical technologies (PAT)
  • Remote polymerization control
  • Crystallization process screening
  • In-situ IR-spectroscopy for PAT in chemical, petrochemical, atomic, biopharmaceutical and Food industry


Total Length1.5 m (opt.:1m to 5m)*
Shaft Length300 mm (opt.: 100-700 mm)*
Shaft Diameter12 mm, 6.3 mm (opt.:3 mm)
Shaft MaterialHastelloy C22
Length of Legs500 mm (opt. 200 – 500 mm)
Protective Tube MaterialLiquid Tight SS-Conduit, KOPEX-Tube
Minimum Bending Radius130 mm
Input / Output ConnectorsLong SMA (opt.: any other type)
Compatible Process-InterfacesCeramat-FOS or SensoGate-FOS**

*Customized dimensions are available on request

**Available for 12 mm shafts only


Probe typeDiamond ATRSilicon ATRCubic Zirconium ATR
(600-3100cm -1) +
(1550- 650cm1)
Fiber typePIR-900/1000
Silver Halide
Silver Halide
CIR 500/550
glass (As-S)
Temperature range-100°C / + 140°C-100°C / + 250°C-100°C / +200°C
Pressure (max)200Bar
(300 Bar) on request
100 Bar100 Bar